Designfusion had a new product coming out and needed to control the marketplace for a subscription-based model, as it threatened the current pricing model.  

Originally, they were cold-calling prior as a way to capture leads. They needed to update their practices to capture more leads more effectively.


We recommended that DesignFusion use our website builder Mojito to build a website that would guarantee to generate leads.  We custom-built the site’s key landing pages and automated workflow in order to increase lead generation and build a solid customer base.


We implemented SEO best practices that now allows the site to rank for 10+ phrases at the top of Google. It captures more than 50 “hot” leads per month using our WordPress Landing pages, and our coding separates the Canadian and US markets for different markets and languages used.

We also created a drip campaign to help funnel each user type that signed up to different landing pages. We consulted on monthly analytics, and pivoted strategies to help maximize on lead capture.

3D CAD-Online’s site now experience 37-60% conversion rate on visitor traffic, and within the first five months of our site going live, SEO / marketing boosted traffic over 100% month over month.

Quick Summary
Estimated Time
12 months on-going