Lantern & Scroll is one of America’s finest manufacturer of elegant lighting, located in North Carolina. An intimate, family run business, Lantern & Scroll is proud to produce American-made products, elegant lighting fixtures, and offer superior customer service. The challenge they faced was that the quality and functionality of their website paled in comparison to the products they sold and the personal sales they provided.


Lantern & Scroll tasked us with developing a beautiful website – one that would match their brand personality – along with the functionality that would give visitors the option to choose from one of 100’s of products online, and customize their chosen lantern in a million small ways.


Built on WordPress, Lantern & Scroll’s elegant site is now fully functional! We created two primary options – Exterior and Interior Lighting. This helped Lantern & Scroll best categorize and feature 100’s of products with more than 20 options per product that can be used to customize.  We ensured the site was mobile-friendly and worked everywhere and anywhere, so that when someone needed to fulfill their light fix, they could do so with ease and with options! We also configured Google analytics to measure growth. 

Within one year of our new site being live, Lantern & Scroll doubled their revenue!

Cool Fact

Lantern & Scroll’s lanterns are in high demand! They’ve even been featured in Disney movies and on FOX’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ television show.

Quick Summary

Estimated Time
3 months