underEXPOSED is a docuseries that follows a team of action sports photojournalists, showcasing the challenges they face getting the key shots that will help sell their stories. Looking outside the lens, they also faced challenges with the completion of their website. With their first episode slated to air and a lack of online presence, they came to us to save the day.


During the show’s 3rd season, underEXPOSED was also looking for a digital component to support the show. We conceived and created “Rising Star,” which is essentially a video compilation that allows young kids to produce their own demo reel using Instagram. The app was called “Rising Star.” Not to be taken lightly, this is somewhat a first of its kind.

  • Increased engagement with underExposed’s viewers 3 fold over other digital media efforts.
  • The App resulted in 20% more traffic to underExposed’s instagram account.

Quick Summary

Estimated Time
3 months