CAVIRTEX launched in June 2011 as Canada’s first Bitcoin exchange. CAVIRTEX boasts Canada’s best liquidity, comprehensive security measures and the most diverse and convenient funding methods in the business. CAVIRTEX approached us to help them expand their merchant program.  They needed shopping cart plugins created so their users could accept bitcoin on popular CMS systems.  That we did – they were happy with our service so they asked us for more.


Shopping Carts:

CAVIRTEX wanted to build shopping cart plugins and we built those – allowing people to install a plugin on their site to accept Bitcoin on their site.

Website Redesign:

Online account verification and trading processes can so challenging the most people were abandoning the process. We came in and redeveloped the site so that it was easy for users to abide by the processes and not give up before transactions were successfully made.

Branding Collateral:

  • Presentations
  • Logo concept & design
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards

Our redesigned site and efforts toward simplifying Bitcoin purchasing processes caught the attention of American Venture Capitalists who bought out CAVIRTEX.

Bitcoin ATM – designed and voted “nicest Bitcoin ATM in the world

Quick Summary
Estimated Time
6 Months