underEXPOSED is an adrenaline packed youth documentary series featuring Mason Mashon and Tannis Baradziej. Tannis is a writer and Mason is a photojournalist. Together they are on the hunt for adventure and the next big story.


Underexposed-Tv-Second-Screen-TV-ScreenshotUnderEXPOSED is funded by the government, and they’re tasked with making new TV shows, but need to build innovative new technology to pair with it. Problem is, they have a tight budget to work within. So, they came to us for some INNOVATIVE ideas to solve some of their BIGGEST challenges!


UnderexposedQRScanFor season 1, underEXPOSED came to us with a only half of a functional website and an app that needed to be fully developed and live ASAP! They were in a pinch. Even though the site didn’t begin with us, the puck definitely stopped with us! We put our API mad‐skillz to work and took over the entire project. RESULTS? Not only did we get their website completed and live by air‐time, we ensured that it interacted properly with the app that allowed visitors share photos on their phone and be posted to the site.

Because of our first‐season efforts, underEXPOSED was hooked, and for the show’s 2nd season, we got to shine. This time around, we were tasked with finding an innovative way to bring a second screen experience for TV, without the high costs of using Shazam licensing, which can costs several hundreds of thousands of dollars! RESULTS? We used a combination of QR codes and two (2) iOS and Android apps. It was the first of its kind, super cool, and lightweight! Oh, and without the need to bleed dry using Shazam, we came in at quarter the $200,000 original budget. Yep, we’re that good!

Cool Fact

One of Mitchell’s favourite shows as a kid was Ride Guide, a snowboarding show produced by Kevin Pennock, who is now the Executive Producer of underEXPOSED.

Quick Summary

Unsure about the use or popularity of video mashups? The ever‐popular show, Game of Thrones, has uses video mashups. Nuff said.

Estimated Time
3 months